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Hey guys! Things have been a little crazy–thankfully, not as crazy as I expected. The workload is surprisingly manageable and not super stressful (yet).

I already missed a couple astronomy classes but it’s not a very pressing issue at the moment. Both of my art professors are relatively lenient and enjoyable people, and I have the same art history professor from last year. My art history professor’s a particularly fun dude because his sense of humor and conversational lecturing makes class lively. (Though I unfortunately fall asleep during his lectures because I have him at eight in the morning… *groan*) Still, this semester’s going okay academically.

I’ve been mostly just been watching kdramas (it’s in my Korean blood, okay) and anime shows with friends in my free time. Recently, I just finished up Mob Psycho 100 with a friend. Mob Psycho 100 is about a boy named Mob, who is an incredibly strong psychic, but he tries to suppress his powers in fear of hurting others. His teacher, Reigen, is a conman who pretends to be a psychic to earn money. And their relationship develops throughout the show and I cannot help but SCREAM about HOW LOVELY THESE TWO ARE?

Mob being cute

This kid is too pure.

Reigen being pure

Despite the whole deception gag he's got going on, Reigen is a good man.

Reigen and Mob


Gosh I could go on and on and on about these two boys because they are good and pure but I’ll save that for another time…

Is there an anime or kdrama that you love?

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